Brazilian Hair vs Malaysian Hair : Which One Is Better?

Brazilian Hair vs Malaysian Hair : Which One Is Better?

Despite the many types of hair available, two of the top choices today are still Brazilian hair and Malaysian hair. But which one should you choose? Here is a quick explanation of these two types of hair that should help you make a better decision.

About Malaysian Hair:

Malaysian hair is collected from the Hindu temples of Malaysia where women give their hair as part of a ceremony that affirms their spiritual commitment. Even though this practice happens annually, it is not as common in Malaysia as in many other countries, such as India. This makes true Malaysian hair extremely rare and the label "Malaysian" is primarily used as a descriptor for hair with a silky texture and medium to high luster. 

About Brazilian Hair:

Brazilian hair donors do not undergo a spiritual ritual when donating their hair. Brazilian hair is generally a term used to describe a look and feel. This hair is often considered a “brand name” for high quality Indian hair that resembles the hair of many native Brazilians. Because the hair is not readily collected for religious purposes, authentic virgin Brazilian hair VERY difficult to come by. 

Virgin Malaysian Hair

Malaysian hair comes in many tones. It can range from light brown to dark brown to nearly black. The texture of virgin Malaysian hair is typically straight but it may also have slight waves at the time it is collected from the original donor.  Malaysian hair blends well with relaxed hair. 

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Virgin Brazilian Hair

Brazilian Hair has a very coarse and thick texture.  The hair takes well to heat and styling and is durable in humidity when properly cared for.  The feel of this hair is very silky and straight with beautiful softness and full body. This type of hair is great for making lace  wigs and sew ins.  It is  generally very dark (1B) but may have hints of brown as well. 

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