Yiliahair's Peruvian Hair Weaves

Peruvian Hair has the same texture as hair typically from Peru in South America. Peruvian Hair is thick, durable and can be straightened and curled repeatedly. Because of this, Peruvian Hair is usually considered the ultimate multi-purpose hair. This hair is coarser in texture than Indian or Brazilian Hair, and also has a low to medium shine. Peruvian Hair provides instant volume and usually becomes wavy when washed. All of Yiliahair’s Peruvian hair weaves are Virgin and Remy. This means that there has been little to no processing done to the hair, leaving the hair in a healthy and natural state. This quality is what enables the hair to be bleached and coloured easily. Remy means that cuticles (which strengthen and protect the hair) are aligned in the same direction from root to end. This cuticle alignment minimises tangling and breakage associated with lower quality hair.
Our clients typically choose Peruvian Hair for several reasons.Peruvian Hair is durable, has a texture that fits well with their own hair, and provides instant volume. Styles that usually go well with our Peruvian Hair include: a deep full head curl or an elegant messy bun at the back.

Peruvian Hair Prices
Yilia Hair offers the best Peruvian hair prices. Each bundle of our Peruvian hair weighs approximately 100g. For a full look, you will need about 3 to 4 bundles, depending on the length of your weave. If your Peruvian weave is 10 to 14 inches, you need about 2 to 3 bundles; for 16 to 22 inches you will need 3 bundles; and for 24 to 30 inches you will need 4 or more bundles. Prices of different Peruvian hairstyles are the same.Currently our prices differ by length only.
Occasionally, we put our Peruvian hair for sale at discounts ranging from 10% to 20% or more. To find out about our sales follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter.
Peruvian hair wholesale: for wholesale prices, please give give us a call. Our Peruvian hair wholesale prices requires you to buy about 15 bundles or more, to get discounts ranging from 10% to 20%. Since our wholesale prices change often, please contact us for more information.

Picking the Best Peruvian Hair Weave Supplier
Please note that not all Peruvian weave suppliers are made the same, and not all hair called Peruvian hair is of the same quality. With Peruvian hair online stores coming up, the choice of who is a trusted supplier becomes even more confusing. Here are some tips to help with finding the right supplier. First, real virgin Peruvian hair extensions are not cheap. So if your supplier is offering prices that are significantly lower than competition, the hair is likely not virgin and is likely to have been processed many times. Second, go to suppliers that offer great customer service and are willing to answer all your questions. Finally, make sure that your Peruvian hair supplier has a refund policy that is fair and reasonable. If you have problems with your hair within a short period of time, it means the hair was likely defective (unless you have not cared for it properly), and you need to be able to exchange or get your money back. And at the very least, your supplier should offer to help you solve the problem. Yilia Hair is one of the leading suppliers of authentic Peruvian hair extensions, other cities in China and even abroad. We pride ourselves in offering great quality Peruvian weaves at excellent prices, and with the customer service and return policy to back it.

Installing Virgin Peruvian Hair
The number of bundles required to properly install your weave and get the best look will depend on the length of your Peruvian weave. For 10 to 14 inches, you need 2-3 bundles, for 16 to 22 inches, you need 3 bundles and for 24 to 30 inches you need 4 bundles ore more.
We recommend that you follow our useful tips to ensure that your Peruvian weave is installed properly. First, it is important that you do not cut any of the weave tracks, but instead keep each track whole and install through the wrap around method. Cutting the tracks creates loose ends which can lead to shedding. Second, rather than weaving through the tracks themselves, you will want to weave around the tracks instead. If you weave through the tracks, you will end up breaking down the stitching that holds the hair together. These two simple tips will make a huge difference in how long your Peruvian hair extensions will last you.

Peruvian Hair Weave Care Instructions
When you are on the lookout for a stylish, tangle free and luxurious hair, you cannot go wrong with a Peruvian hair weave. Peruvian hairweaves are easy to style and manage, and can last for a very long time if taken care of properly. How to care for your weave will differ slightly depending on whether its Peruvian straight hair or curly Peruvian hair. Please note that these care instructions also apply to Peruvian lace wigs and other accessories made with virgin hair.
Because our Peruvian hair weaves are virgin they can be dyed or bleached. We highly recommend that you come to our shop to have any sort of colour change done, or go to an experienced stylist. For Peruvian straight hair, the bleaching and colouring is not as worrying since straight hair has never undergone any sort of process to give it curls. However, with curly Peruvian hair, you need to be extra careful as the weave has already been processed to get the curls - so putting the hair through a bleaching process can dry it out. This is why it is absolutely critical that it is done professionally or not at all.
For straight Peruvian hair weaves, brushing can be done with a paddle brush. You should brush your hair regularly (at least in the morning, during the day and before going to sleep). For curly Peruvian hair weaves, brushing is best done with your fingers or with a wide tooth finger comb. Whether brushing or combing straight or curly styles, always starts from the tips of the hair working towards the roots/scalp.
Washing should be done about once per week to once every 2 weeks. Before washing your Peruvian weave, make sure it is brushed and tangle free. Before shampooing, make sure you use a pre-conditioning treatment to retain as much moisture as possible in the hair.
Prior to going to sleep at night, take the time to tie your hair into a single twist (for straight hair) or into Bantu knots (for curly hair). Cover your head with a satin cap to prevent your bed linen from soaking up moisture from your weave.

Peruvian Weave Return Policy
If you encounter any issues with your hair within 2 weeks of purchase, please bring it to us for a refund or exchange. If the 2 week window has passed, still bring us the hair and we will work with you to solve the problem. A lot of times all that is needed to bring the hair back to its original state is a proper wash and a good conditioning treatment.